Get More Love and Attention from Him…By Doing Less

by Georgia Patrice

Do you ever feel like you have to work so hard just to get even the littlest bit of love and attention from the man you’re with?

Spending hours on your hair and makeup for him….

Baking him his favorite cookies…

Sending him long texts about how much you love him…

Doing whatever you can think of to prove your love to him, to show him that you’re the right one for him?

how to get more love and attention from a man


It’s exhausting…

And furthermore, you feel like you barely get anything back in return!

I know exactly how you feel…I used to be one of those women.

In fact, I was doing so much, and I was so wrapped up in what I was doing, that I didn’t even realize that I’d been “working overtime” …it just started to feel natural to me.

Sometimes you have to take a giant step back, and try to look at your situation from someone else’s point of view, to see how much effort you’re actually putting into your relationship.

…Sometimes it feels so hard to hand over the reins and just give up control though…

Your vision is so clouded by the love that you feel for him…you don’t even think you’re doing anything wrong. And I totally understand that.

Ask yourself how tired you’re feeling – have you done that lately? If the answer is that you feel depleted and exhausted, it’s a good indication that you’ve been working way too hard for his love.

But you can turn it around on a dime…

You can turn it around so that he’s giving you way more than you’d ever imagined, and so that you’re not the one doing all the “work” in your relationship.

With a healthy minded, masculine energy man, it’s not as hard as you think… in fact the less effort from you, the better! Sounds counterintuitive, right? I know… that’s what I thought at first too.

The secret is this: Learn to love yourself MORE than you love him.

Do this right now…

Close your eyes and imagine that you’re lying in a huge bathtub filled with hot, gooey, chocolate-y fudge…(Let’s just equate chocolate with self-love for now)

The scent of the yummy, melted chocolate makes you feel all warm and happy inside…the hot, gooey-ness of the chocolate feels smooth on your skin like it’s caressing your body…

Take that in for a moment.

Now I want you to switch it up – Imagine yourself lying in an almost empty bathtub, with just a few drip drops of cooled off, almost hardened chocolate.

Which visual feels better to you?

The first one, I’m sure.

When you can master loving yourself more than you love any man, you will eventually feel like you felt in the first visual, all of the time.

Right now, whether you’re conscious of it or not, you’re letting yourself feel how you felt during the second visual, every day.

The trick is to switch it over to the first visual, and keep it like that, permanently.

So how do you do this in REAL LIFE?

To love yourself more than you love a man, you only have to do ONE thing: CHOOSE YOURSELF FIRST.

  • Put yourself first with EVERYTHING
  • Choose to ONLY do things that feel good to you
  • Be nice to yourself! Say nice things to yourself
  • Don’t tire yourself out by trying to prove something to someone else, aka your man
  • Learn to lead a busy life, filled with activities that make you feel great
  • Take care of YOU first

If you’re not like this naturally, no worries, because putting yourself first is something you can learn… it’s like a habit…

…And once you begin to do it more and more, it will become easier, and eventually, it will become very natural to you.

I guarantee you that the second you start practicing this new habit, he will notice.

It might be a couple of days or weeks until you notice a big difference in him, but trust me, you will.

He’ll see a change in your vibe and will feel helplessly drawn to you.

Soon, you’ll start getting the attention you once craved from him without having to do any of the old things you THOUGHT you had to do…

And pretty soon, before you know it, the entire dynamic of your relationship will be reversed.

He will be the one trying to get your attention…he will be the one telling you how much he loves you…he will be the one doing extra nice things for you ‘just because.’

Try it out and see what happens!
Georgia PatriceAuthor of “A New Confidence: The Ultimate Beauty Overhaul – Inside and Out,” Georgia is a former beauty editor turned relationship coach. During her magazine days, she was constantly surrounded by countless amazing, smart and very driven women who had been having trouble finding love all their lives.

It made her wonder… Why does it seem so effortless for some women to find amazing men who adore them and worship the ground they walk on, while for other women it just seems impossible? She became determined to find out why.

Having trained under relationship guru Rori Raye, Georgia can give you access to the secrets you need to know in order to get all the love, attention, and affection from a man that you crave, fast!

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