How Do I Get My Husband To Love Me?


couple_suprise_birthday“How do I get my husband to love me? I have heard this hundreds of times from wives when the first sit down in my office and now I’m gonna share a few secret answers to this question with you.

Many assume their husband simply fell out of love, like he’s lost something and can’t find it. They believe this because they can’t understand why the man who begged her to marry him no longer seems to care at all.

First let me point out what is probably NOT the reason his love is fading.

1) It’s not your looks (Yes, he’s still attracted to you.)

If he’s dated you more than 2 times – it’s not your attractiveness that’s the problem. Why am I so certain? Here’s what most women don’t understand about men – men don’t give chances like women do. If you’re not appealing to him, he won’t wait around to see if this chances. Since he married you, trust me, he finds you quite appealing.

2) Don’t assume it’s an Affair

Yes I know all the stories about wives who have been cheated on and they write articles and make videos about “The Warning Signs,” but hear me out.

The only way to “never” miss a warning sign is to be suspicious all the time. That kind of paranoia will turn you into a detective and I promise you, husbands hate (and I mean hate) having to constantly prove their innocence.

I’m not saying to ignore everything, but let’s do rush to this conclusion (please). Often an affair is what happens toward the end of a relationship.

3) It’s not that you should give MORE

Now here’s where this starts to get a little strange. As a wife, your instincts tell you (and maybe your husband too) that if you give him more kindness, love and sex that he’ll cherish you more. But what if I told you that giving him more actually makes him take you for granted?

See, the fastest way to get your husband to love you again is to create Tension. It’s when the man who married you begins to feel tension in your relationship that he stops taking you for granted and begins investing in YOU.

Now you might think since you’re married that creating tension is only for single women – oh that’s so wrong. In fact here’s how to rekindle his love, without him even knowing what you’re doing and he’ll even think it was his idea to shower you gifts and whisper in your ear right before you fall asleep.