In Love With Love?

I saw this article and I’m reminded of how easy it is to be in love with being in love. If you look at her history of dating you’ll notice this pattern:

1) Starts the relationship off with lots of intensity and passion.
2) Then she expects her man to maintain that same level of passion – indefinitely.
3) When he doesn’t she begins to question his commitment and often presses him to reassure her of his love for her.
4) The relationship ends when he tires of having to “prove his love” to her.
5) She wonders what went wrong and how she can “get my boyfriend back“.
6) Without a plan to save the relationship, she moves on to the next guy.
7) Repeat step 1

Jessica is proof that just being very attractive isn’t enough to captivate a man.

8 thoughts on “In Love With Love?”

  1. This is so true.

    This sounds like every girl I know, myself included.

    My question though is how does one prevent this? Do you just accept the lack of passion coming from the guy or is there somewhere else to focus your energies?

  2. why is it always a woman’s fault if relationship goes wrong? if men like us for who we are we wouldnt have to ask them for any proof.. or do we just spoil them with our attention?

  3. Yes, I think both men and women become addicted to the idea of falling in love and the feelings that come along with it. I would compare “express love” to express fast food. You can consume the food immediately after purchasing it but it has no re-heating ability. Opposed to home cooked food such as spaghetti which tastes even better the next day. Jessica’s relationships are likely shallow with no staying power. I think it results from a lack of self-awareness and a need for immediate gratification.

  4. I have been with him for nearly 2 years, and now the passion is gone- within a matter of a week everything has fizzled. We are not fighting, we are chatting, having sex, going out, cooking, walking the dog, the same things we’ve been doing for all this time. It just doesn’t feel the same, is it just me being like Jessica???? I don’t feel like he sees me anymore, I feel like part of the furniture even though he says the sweetest things and does everything he’s always done.

  5. I am having the same problem as you “Anonymous”. All of a sudden the passion is gone. He has cold feet and is questioning whether I am ‘the one’ for him? or if there might be someone better out there for him. I am planning to just keep it fun and surprise him with a gift. It sucks though. I don’t want to lose him. I am in love with him and I know he is the one for me. Just wish it was reciprocal and the passion was still the same as the first 4 months of the relationship.

  6. Yes, women can be quite demanding in their relationships, but that does not mean they don’t have the right to.
    Some women really try, and when their men don’t appreciate or lend a hand, of course they react.
    But I certainly don’t agree to the part about “get my boyfriend back”. He must be the “ex” for a reason.

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