Intense vs. Dependable

How often do women (men too) confuse intensity with what is true. Because something FEELs good, they assume it is good. I wonder what would happen if there was some kind of law created that made a man and woman have to work together at a job for 6 months before they were married. It couldn’t be done, but what might happen. Well the first thing would be that “chemistry” wouldn’t mean a whole lot when their partner didn’t get their work done. Feelings wouldn’t matter one bit when a woman had to do her man’s job as well as her own.

In addition, how would it affect a woman after 6 months if she had seen how he treated her even when they were doing boring stuff. I bet she would find him more attractive.

My point is simply that most married couples that have been married more than 5 years understand that marriage is more like a business partnership than dating. Oh, it has moments of passion and love and intensity but not all the time. We wouldn’t get anything done if everything was just passion.
I’m not suggesting viewing relationships as a business partnership, but adding that to the mix. Someone that is exciting may not be dependable. They may, but excitment alone can’t tell you how dependable a man is, just that he makes you feel good. When you’re sick and you need someone to take care of you, I promise feeling excited won’t matter one bit.

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