Kim Kardashian – What’s Wrong Here?

Regardless of whether you think Kim “staged” her wedding or it honestly ended, there’s something wrong with her. I don’t mean crazy, but it’s important to realize that patterns don’t lie. She’s got more money than most people even dream of and she’s very pretty and since she’s been married before you would think she would understand that marriage isn’t to be taken lightly. And yet, she ends the marriage in just a few months (or is it days)?

Kim_KardashianI’ve told women for years that being pretty, sexy or even rich isn’t enough. Finding a keeping a wonderful man is more a reflection of what’s in your heart and mind.

Years ago one of my favorite professors in Graduate School introduced our class to this principle. People marry others who are on the same level of emotional health as they are. Alcoholics marry co-dependents, Narcissists marry borderlines and wonderful men marry wonderful women.
After watching how Kim just ended her marriage, I’m reminded of that wise professor and just how right he was.

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