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Why Nice Men Don’t Call Back

November 27, 2012
by Bob Grant, L.P.C.
And the two reasons why you haven’t done any of the five things listed below… One of the biggest questions women have about men is “Why didn’t he call back?” We know why insensitive men don’t call back;
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These are the mistakes that cause men to leave. 

they’re creeps.

But what about men who seem too nice to be that rude? After talking to a lot of men about this problem, this is what it boils down to:

She said too much

Men tell me that many women go into way too much detail about their past relationships, especially of a sexual nature. Men don’t want to hear it, even if they ask you to tell them. Don’t be too forward or over-the-top. Men want a girl they can take home to mom.

She talked about all the bad things every man ever did to her

…and she blames me just because I’m a man. Men hate it when a woman blames them for what some jerk, before them, did to her. It’s like they’re guilty until proven innocent.

She’s angry at men and likes to argue.

She’s got a chip on her shoulder about men and carries a bit of anger toward all men...simply because they’re men. This is a variation on #2 but it’s about men in general, rather than specific men and incidences. Man-haters are highly unattractive.

She lacks some or all of the qualities he’s looking for

Most any woman’s list of expectations regarding men, marriage, and relationships is pretty long. Consequently, a lot of women settle for a man that lacks some of the qualities she is looking for.

She gave it up too soon

Yes, most men want to get a woman into bed as soon as possible. But, if a woman he’s really interested in has sex with him too soon then the challenge is gone. Most women don’t realize that men equate value with effort. What they have to work for they value most…regardless of whether they admit this to you or not.

Okay, you haven’t done any of these things but he still doesn’t call back. Again, setting aside that he isn’t an insensitive creep, what’s the deal?

It’s one of two reasons…

Here are the two reasons that it boils down to:

  • 1) He’s not ready to get involved,
  • 2) You’re not the right one. Pretty simple. You may seem great and perfect but he may not be at a place in his life where he’s actually able to be in a serious relationship. It reflects nothing negative about you; it’s just that his list of requirements is very short compared to yours.

Remember, his list may be just five or six items. If only one of those items is missing, that’s a pretty big percentage of the package he’s looking for. What I teach all of my private clients to say when a man seems to be overly picky is one word –> “Next.”

In my professional opinion, he’s not worthy of you, 🙂 and what I’d rather you and I focus on is finding the man that knows he’s lucky to have found you.

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