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Getting Your Ex-Boyfriend Back (Secret ingredient)

April 23, 2007
by Bob Grant, L.P.C.

I must admit that I have been pleasantly surprised at the popularity of “How Do I Get Him Back.” I knew there was a need but I didn’t know how great it was until now. While many women have taken advantage of my FREE 15-minute coaching session, some have not and have emailed me that after a “few days” the plan isn’t working for them.

It appears that some women are hoping to find a magical phrase that they can say to their ex which will cause him to come running back into their arms, instantly. I can tell you the only phrase that will come close to that is, “I will have sex with you whenever you want, without you having to commit to me.” That doesn’t sound too appealing, does it?

If you are one of these women, I need to tell you something. I know you don’t want to hear this but the truth of the matter is that it’s going to take TIME to win your ex back. I cannot tell you how many women give in to their fears and impulsively end up doing the very things I warn tell them not to do (ie. sending an email, letter, emotional phone call, etc..).

How much time, you ask? Usually between 2 and 6 weeks. Sometimes less and sometimes more because words are not as effective on men as they are on women. Words only work when the right phrase is said at the perfect time. I want to make certain that their ex FEELs as well as hears their words. I don’t like to leave anything to chance.

For those who aren’t sure what they should do, I’ve created a FREE guide to help women identify if they are making any of the mistakes that drive men off. This way you can decide if the man you want back is worth the effort.

Wishing you the Relationship of Your Dreams!

Bob Grant, L.P.C. “The Relationship Doctor”

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Comments (11)

  • this book is great – but I do wonder how do you tell if it’s working? If the ex iniatates the contact with you, but is very casual about it – does that mean anything? Per your book, I haven’t told him once that I miss or want him back and I have been playing it cool by not contacting him first. I’m also just being casual but slightly playful in my emails back to him but do wonder if am I being too casual? (long distance relationship). (I don’t tell him everything I’m doing but do hint that I’m very busy socially and played phone tag with him for 4 days when he did call me – i was legitmately busy). I feel stronger and more in control taking this stance but wonder if it’s going to make a difference with us and sometimes it’s very hard. Relationships seem to take so much work sometimes eh? – but I guess if there were dead easy, it would’t be fun or worthwhile…

  • sometimes there is nothing that can help you get him back. He simply won’t. Calm down. Has it ever happened to you that you parted with a boy and felt no pity about it. Bet it has. So if he loves, he will be back. If he doesn’t, don’t cry, and tune to a new relationship.

  • I loved yoiur book and it makes me sad I didn’t know about how to deal with men so long ago. Wow. And I just had a brak-up where I did all the wrong things according to your book; gave too much, got needy etc. I don’t understand how men will call you in 2 to 6 weeks or so if they have developed a picture of you that made them leave. Mine kept telling me and warning me that if every time we talked it would be about how it cooled off and that he didn’t say he loved me like he used to that he may not want to talk to me anymore. I asked because I was so taken back by the change from the infatuation stage to the pulled back stage. And then I did the girl thing and gave and gave. Told him how much I loved him and that I was not going anywhere. As you put it I became “cheap”. So why oh why would he ever try to call me if that is what he thinks I am now?

  • I have given up on getting my ex back and am now moving forward! The guy i’m dating now is sooo much better! (he treats me like a human, and we have a lot more in common) Thanks for all the advice but i don’t want my ex back i’m in love with someone else!

  • My ex just contacted me last week about hiring me to do a 3RD design project for him. He never hired me “while” we were dating, so I have to agree with “listening loud” … if he doesn’t want a relationship with me, that’s fine. But why does he keep bringing me into the equation? You think it would be easier for him not to!

  • In my experience, men don’t give chances like women do. If he’s involving you, I’d wonder if he isn’t over you yet. He may not admit it, or even be fully aware of it, but I’d trust your instinct.
    Put another way, if you were someone he detested or was embarrassed by, I doubt he’d involve you for fear you might get the idea that he liked you.

  • I did all the wrong things after he broke up with me. too many phone calls, messages emotionally. now he said never want to see me again, because he thinks I am crazy, clingy. so anything I can do ? the fact is, every woman will do this in my situation, so I am NOT crazy. but how can I convince him that I am not crazy ? he doesn’t even talk to me now.

  • My boyfriend of three years just broke up with me and 4 days before he did, he told me how he had fallen in love with me all over again. I have been going through a hard time recently, and he said he would always be there to help me through it. But he’s not, he has disappeared and I’m left feeling more confused than ever! His friends all tell me that he’s seeing loads of women now and I just can’t get over it, as I’m not ready to go out and meet new men.

  • there are saying that goes u shld keep calm and all…juz b normal…what if the r/s really cools off and he gets so use to not being in r/s anymore?? wun it b too late to pull back anything??

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