Secret to Marriage

Marriages that are passionate are the ones when each person realizes that passion is created rather than it simply happens. So often singles think that if they simply pick the right person, they’ll have a wonderful marriage.

Couple in living room reading newspaper and smilingI agree who you marry is important, but even if you pick the perfect match you’ll still need to live with them day to day. There will be circumstances that are scary and depressing, no matter how attractive they are.

After working with couples in marriage counseling for over 20 years, I can tell you what will mean the most to you. Not what should mean the most…but what will mean the most. It is a person’s character. Are they kind, do they keep their word, etc. There is nothing more important that knowing you can count on your spouse.

2 thoughts on “Secret to Marriage”

  1. I have spent a large amount of my life in and out of terrible relationships, the problem for me in choosing the right person is that i am attracted to the wrong type, I know that I need a Richie cunningham to make me happy but i always fall for the Fonzie. From there it doesn’t seem to matter how much passion i try to build in the relationship, these men just seem to be hard wired not to be faithful

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