The Silent Signals Men Send When The Relationship Is In Trouble

by Bob Grant, P.L.C. – “The Relationship Doctor”

Most of the time a relationship is in trouble because of too much fighting.

bonding_on_beachYet, a greater danger is when indifference starts creeping into the heart of a man. Even though anger can be destructive, it also means someone cares enough to get angry.  But what happens when a man doesn’t care enough to get angry?

It is at this stage that he becomes silent and begins thinking whether he wants to stay in the relationship, or leave. As scary as that may seem, it also provides a window into his soul if you recognize these silent signals men send when their relationship is in trouble.
He NEVER disagrees with you

If you’ve been fighting with the man you love and he starts agreeing with you, it might feel wonderful; but beware: What is most likely happening is he’s simply avoiding the conflict. Wait and see if he follows through with his promise or alters his behavior. If he doesn’t, he’s simply avoiding you…and building up resentment.
He stops wanting to do anything with you in public

While some men love to just stay at home, most men develop closeness by shared experiences. Have you ever noticed how seldom guys like to simply talk on the phone with their friends? Instead they want to DO something.
When he stops wanting to do things with you in public, it’s often because he’s emotionally exhausted with the relationship and feels it’s too much effort.
He starts looking away
When he begins avoiding your gaze, it’s because he doesn’t feel safe emotionally. Either he’s hiding a secret from you or he is fearful of being emotionally flooded. It’s not that he doesn’t want to stay in the relationship; it’s that he doesn’t know what to say. Instead of turning to the woman he loves, he begins emotionally turning away from her.
The Critical Window To Save a Relationship
When you feel a man sending you the silent signals I’ve mentioned above, it is critical that you understand how men work emotionally. Most women get in trouble not because they’re mean, selfish or demanding. No, after a breakup most women try and coax their man back using methods that would be effective on another woman but often prove disastrous on a man.

When he pulls away, it’s because he doesn’t know how to connect emotionally with you and he needs your help. In fact, click here to watch this short video where I explain how to melt his silence before the window to his heart is closed.

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