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Simple Text Flirting Tactics That Work!

November 5, 2014
by Claudia Cox
Texting friends, family members and colleagues is one thing, texting a guy that makes your heart flutter is something else. How can you write text messages that entice, and intrigue him? It’s easy if you follow these 4 tips!
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1. Keep It Short & Playful

Always keep in mind that texting is just one channel of communication, not your only means. Think of texts as a teaser, designed to help your partner discover more about you, not a play-by-play commentary of your daily life.

Topics to avoid? Work issues, health problems, laundry, weather, or any personal insecurities.

Flirty text examples:

– “Come over here and kiss me now! 🙂 ”
– “Do you believe in love at first text?;) ”
– “You have a sexy walk…or is that a swagger?”

Texting Tip: Flirty is fun! Fight the urge to reveal everything about yourself!

2. Hello Mr. Wonderful

What’s the most beautiful word in the entire universe? Your name. Or, in this case, his name. It may seem like an insignificant detail, however simply adding his name to your text instantly makes it much, much warmer – and men are very receptive to warmth!

Flirty text examples:

– “Hey Dave, missing your warm body next to mine”
– “Hi Rick, keep interrupting my thoughts and you’ll owe me dinner 🙂 ”
– “Hello Fabio, I never realized how much I liked surprises until you popped up.”

Texting Tip: Don’t forget the personalized greeting. Write his name!

3. Show You. Discuss Him.

Showcasing your personality by texting something clever is a fantastic way to differentiate yourself from other hungry daters, or seduce your official guy. But how can you sparkle if you are feeling flat and uninspired? Easy. Make him the star of the show!

Flirty text examples:

– “Where did you learn to dance like that?”
– “That laugh of yours is contagious.”
– “You turned a bad day into a great night.”

Texting Tip: Focus on him instead of rambling on and on about yourself.

4. Sign Off With a Question

While asking questions is a fantastic place to start, don’t just ask any question! Chose your questions carefully. Avoid asking difficult, open-ended questions that would be tedious for him to answer. Be playful, and text him something silly and sweet.

Flirty text examples:

– “If I bake, can you grill?”
– “Are you ticklish?”
– “Ever woke up from smiling too much?”

Texting Tip: Ask a question that is clever and fun to answer.

Plan for the Win

Et voila! 4 simple text flirting tactics to grab his attention, and keep him hooked. When whipping out your phone and flirting via text, don’t rush, and don’t multi-task. Instead, give yourself ample time to write something memorable that will make the lucky recipient itching to read your text not once, not twice, but over and over again.

So, what’s a good example of a text message that uses all four tips?

“Hey Ben, you’re a pretty interesting guy…I like interesting. So, do you ski? x Claudia”

Now go out there, have fun, and get your text flirt on!

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