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What Is A Dream Girl?

August 6, 2015
by Nancy Salim

Most of us want to be the kind of woman that men adore. We want men to love us, to keep us safe, and to do anything and everything possible to make us happy!

But are we willing to do what it takes to be the kind of woman that men adore? Are we willing to change our sabotaging behavior to secure a man’s love? It’s not always easy, and it actually takes a lot more patience and practice than you might think!

Here is my definition of a dream girl. It’s an excerpt from my book, which will be published soon. Enjoy it, and please remember to share it with your friends, too!

The Dream Girl

What is a dream girl? She is a woman who is a challenge. She isn’t overly clingy or needy. She gives men lots of space to chase her. She isn’t too preoccupied with her relationships. She knows she deserves the best.

Dream girls get the great guys because they don’t lower their standards for men or anyone else. A dream girl knows that if her date turns out to be sub-par, then she’d rather go to the dance without an escort or to the movie without a date.

Dream girls can be tall, short, plump, or thin. They can have long hair, short hair, or grey hair (well … dream girls make sure to cover that grey with a fresh color job)! What they all share in common is their belief that they are the bomb.

Dream girls realize there’s always room for improvement, but they still love themselves unconditionally. They take great care of themselves on all levels—physically, emotionally and mentally. When a dream girl has a fight or breaks up with her boyfriend, she sheds a few tears, then gets up and goes!

She puts on her cheetah print workout gear, glides some lipstick on, and jets off to a hot, loud salsa lesson. Or she puts on her favorite dress, her killer heels, and meets her girlfriends for dinner and dancing. She takes her niece to the zoo. She pursues a dream for a new career and enrolls in a class. She follows her heart.

What she doesn’t do, even if it crosses her mind, is to call him and force a discussion about what went wrong. She doesn’t write her boyfriend long angry emails about how he has hurt her. No. She doesn’t have time for that. She’s off to enjoy every second of her one and only precious life.

What Dream Girls Know

Dream girls understand that to get a guy and a great relationship you just can’t do whatever you want! They know that to others it may seem passive to let the man pursue because after all, we all want to make things happen! But deep down, a dream girl knows what really works with men, and she’s willing to put in the effort. As with anything in life, she understands that sometimes you just have to do what works, rather than what you want to do!

Within each of us is a dream girl waiting to emerge. Nurture your inner dream girl.

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