What Is the Missing Ingredient In a Failing Relationship?

by Bob Grant

Are you in a spot where you feel like your relationship is failing and you need an ingredient that you can add that will fix all? Let’s look closer at what the missing ingredient could be.

What is the missing ingredient in a failing relationship?


You’ve probably heard that communication is the golden key that will cement a relationship forever. But is that the only ingredient that will be necessary? In my ebook Couples in Crisis, I make the comment that “…during stressful times, what each person needs more than anything else is relationships and communication, verbal and/or nonverbal. Being connected with others makes almost any situation more bearable.”

Effective communication can indeed be powerful. But wait! Before you get all excited and grasp hold of the suggestion that all you need to do is improve the communication in a relationship, realize that there is more to it than that one ingredient.


Without a doubt, patience and perseverance can be brought into play to repair a broken relationship; but again, there are other ingredients needed in your recipe for having a lasting relationship. Being patient is not the same as being tolerant of abusive, unfaithful or disrespectful behavior — on either side of the relationship.

Every relationship has its ups and downs and it’s up to both parties to want to make it work. Your relationship is not unique. There will be lots of ups — and yes, plenty of downs. But, a relationship can be saved.

So what am I saying here? Is there one missing ingredient in a failing relationship? I’m sorry – but no. It will take commitment and even some give and take from each of you. It’s up to you. You determine what your future will look like — and when I say “you,” I mean both of you. Your future will be the byproduct of what you are doing today. There is not one missing ingredient that will fix everything in a failing relationship.

Make the one decision that could change your life.

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