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Living together before Marriage???

December 2, 2012
by Bob Grant, L.P.C.
This topic has been debated since the dawn of Women’s liberation. What’s sad is that usually the argument is only between those who say it is and isn’t morally wrong. Nothing wrong with that discussion but there is more to this question than simply
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each person having their own opinion.

The truth is that women who move in with a man are playing a man’s game. It isn’t just that it’s morally wrong, which, by religious standards it is, but it decreases the likelihood that the ensuing marriage will last.

Here’s something to think about if you’re considering moving in with your man:

Living together Before Marriage?

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Comments (6)

  • definitely,,,i lived with someone after we got engaged..i broke up the relationship after 3 months. it was very easy to get out of..the hassle was having to move my stuff and his stuff cause we bought the house together. if i were married, i would probably had worked out the problems before the break-up.

  • In My Opinion,please Waiting until you’re married makes it all so much more significant. If you will live together with no legal commitment, what is so special about being married? And if you really want to marry this guy, why would you settle for less than that?

  • This is a complete falsehood. Please do your research before you spread whatever pro-religious nonsense you seem to have.
    I came to this site for real information. Instead, I find a bunch of scared women, who seem to think their one purpose in life is a man and children. I truly hope that we aren’t that superficialand one dimensional.
    As for living together being a “sin”, what about sex before marriage? Isn’t that a sin too? And yet more and more couples do that before they tie the knot.
    I am currently living with my boyfriend and very glad for it. I have learned more about him and our strengths and weaknesses as a couple then I ever would have if we had remained dating but not living together. Please stop lumping women into “good” and “bad” and try to give real information!

  • Wow! Your first link is to an article describing virginal women to new shoes!! Are we a commodity, a purchase, now? And what do women get, used, beat up shoes? I don’t want a man who has slept with any other women either! Why do women not deserve a virgin as their wedding “gift”? Unbelieveable!

  • A fair point. Women deserve this gift just as much as men.
    The primary idea isn’t simply that the sex aspect of living together causes problems in a marriage, it is that the very idea of marriage gets cheapened.
    Those that live together tend to think less of marriage.

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