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A Deeper Connection

Why Do Men Cheat?

February 13, 2007
by Bob Grant, L.P.C.

Why Do Men Cheat?

When I went looking on the web for research I was surprised at how little information there was for women. David Zinczenko says that among other things, men were more curious and there biology influenced them in this direction more. I agree with him that
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men are not biological predestined to cheat. Thank goodness some men actually get this and it seems that he does.

On the other side there is Curt Smith who says, “When men cheat, it basically means that they are looking for something their girlfriend or wife is not providing. Often times, it comes down to sex.” Well, partially true but there must be more to it than that. “….cheating is disrespectful towards the person you’ve cheated on, but at the very least, it has two beneficial aspects to it. First, that you’ll realize your mistake and appreciate your lover a lot more after the horrible deed.The second is that cheating can help you realize your misery within your current relationship, and will likely give you that necessary shove to move on and stop wasting both your lover’s and your own time.”

I don’t think so Curt. I mean I’m sure for some this is true, but that’s not the reason why men cheat. That makes men out to be morons (Make your own jokes). I mean if men are so stupid that they get married when they are almost destined to cheat then why even bother. Most men have every intention of being faithful which is why they are often slow to commit to marriage. No, there’s more to this than that Curt.
Then there’s Lorna who gives the reason being that men cheat because of; sexual variety, curiosity, desire to feel important, opportunity and sexual addiction. She’s right, but those reasons seem to me to be the result and not the cause. What exactly causes a man to desire to feel important or act on an opportunity? I’m thinking about writing a small ebook about this.

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