Understanding Men

21 Quotes About Relationships That Will Transform Your Love Life

October 3, 2016
by Bob Grant, L.P.C.


Fear of commitment is often misunderstood. But this fear can be healed when you learn to take loving care of yourself. When YOU are your first commitment, you will be filled with love and have more love to share with your partner as well!”




“Fight the temptation to be accommodating – you’re not the kind of girl to accept a last minute date. Saying yes at the last minute will give him the impression that you’re not valuable. Click here to read about the tone it sets when you let yourself be pursued.”




Have you ever played the guessing game with yourself? You know the one – where you’re sitting next to your man, guessing at what he’s thinking, and wishing you had the ability to read his mind? Don’t guess again! Click to learn What He’s Really Thinking!




Chemistry can be captivating – especially in the beginning stages of a relationship. But what happens when everyday life sets in and 24/7 chemistry fades? Character is truly more important than chemistry. Click here to learn how to uncover the true character of your man.




Do you the know the keys to building a stable and whole relationship that lasts? It rests on a foundation of intentionality, but encompasses so much more than that. Click to learn why love doesn’t have to dissipate and how you can influence a man in ways you’ve never imagined.




The #1 thing that will stir up the passion that’s locked away deep inside a man’s heart is your emotions. Your emotions are a powerful force that can truly mesmerize a man… but they can also turn him off. Click to learn more about how to harness this amazing power you hold.




Women are sometimes surprised by the little things that can disarm a man and open up him up to your needs. In fact, do you the secret to capturing a man’s attention and drawing him into you? Click to read all about the Campfire Effect and learn how you can leverage this knowledge to build a stronger relationship.

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