What To Do When He Says, “Call Me”

What do you say when that cute guy you’ve had your eye on calls you? You may feel nervous and excited when he calls, even if you’re an adult, but that’s okay. It’s normal to feel like that. After all, this could be the start of a new relationship and you don’t want to do anything that might jeopardize that.

But it’s important to realize that this phone call isn’t the guy’s way of saying he’s in love with you. Right now, he’s feeling interested and wanting to find out more about you. The problem is that he’s interested, but he still needs a little bit of a challenge.

When he ask you for your number, don’t give it to him right away. Instead smile at him for a moment (just for a couple of seconds) and make him wonder if he’s going to get your phone number or if you’ll turn him down.

In that moment you’ll feel a bit of tension (and he will to) which is exactly what you want. The ability to create tension (that is playful) will make him feel excited about you, especially when you do give him your phone number.

What Do You Do When He Calls You?

The most important thing to focus on when he calls is to sound interested. You can do this by letting him do most of the talking. Remember, the listener is in control….not the talker. Most women don’t understand how men think so they don’t realize this rule concerning men – if he’s talking, he’s bonding with you.

If you want to go out on a date with him, let him do the asking, however tempted you may be to ask him first. You might think you’re helping him by suggesting something to do, but he might mistakenly think that you like being in control. Guys like pursuing the girl, so let yourself be pursued.

You’re Not The Kind of Girl For Last Minute Dates

And if he does ask you out, don’t accept a last minute date. Even though it may feel like you’ll never hear from him again, fight the temptation to be accommodating. Saying yes to a last minute invitation will give him the impression that you’re not valuable. If he asks you out for tonight or tomorrow night, say you’re busy (even if you have to create something to do). Then say this to him, “Can we try it some other time?”

As long as you offer some kind of encouragement, he won’t feel like you’ve rejected him. If he never calls back then here’s the bad news. He only wanted a woman that was convenient, not someone that was special.

If you’re special, then you’re worth the time and effort it takes to plan an evening. If all he wants is someone that is available whenever he’s in the mood, he’ll only break your heart later on.

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