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Be Irresistible

21 Quotes About Relationships That Will Transform Your Love Life – 2

October 18, 2016
by Bob Grant, L.P.C.
<<<<< Previous 9_value-yourself-and-men-will-too One of the greatest love lessons known is “the scarcity factor”. When things are hard to obtain, they seem more valuable. And this perceived value can
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The honeymoon phase won’t show you your man’s true capacity for intimacy. This only comes after comfortability has set in, his guard is down, and you get to see his true reaction to anger. But sometimes a man’s reactions and thoughts are incongruent. How can you know what he’s really thinking in those moments? Click to uncover the truth about what your man is really thinking.




This might come as a surprise, but let me let you in on a little secret… If you are always giving everything to your man, and not putting yourself first, you will actually be pushing him away. Learn how and why falling into the “Giving Pit” can ruin your relationship, and what you can do about it.




There are 3 ways to get what you want from a man. The first is to maintain your value, and never give more to him than he does to you. When you value yourself, he will follow suit. Click to learn the other two ways. All three are equally powerful and when you combine them, you will be amazed by how your relationship transforms.




Women’s emotions are a powerful thing. They have the power to melt a man’s heart and draw him into her, and the equal power to push him away. Learn how to balance this power and you will unlock the door to a deeper connection than you’ve ever known before.




Do you want your man to adore you… or treat you like one of the guys? The actions you take determine how the role you’ll play in his life. Learn what you can do – and what you shouldn’t do – to be the woman men adore.

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Embracing Your Emotions: The Genie In The Bottle Men Love

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About The Author – Bob Grant, L.P.C.

Bob Grant is a Clinically Trained Relationship Expert who’s been working with women for over since 1997. He helps women create successful, satisfying, and fulfilling love relationships by simply understanding men. Click here to learn more about Bob.
Bob Grant, L.P.C.