How to Attract Your Mr. Quality

Finding your Mr. Quality is more a battle of your own mind than it is meeting the guy. We blame our town, our parents, we blame men but deep down we have fears and anxieties that keep us stuck in dead end relationships.

As humans, we even fear the whole idea of being happy and actually having what we really want. There is a solution, however; following these three steps will catapult you on your way to finding love you will want to keep forever.

1. Let Go Of the Hollywood Movie Romance

Yes, I would happily sit in front of the big screen with my girlfriends and oodle over the latest chick flick, wondering when my dark handsome man would go to such great defeats to be my man. He will say I love you every day, forget the other women he has left behind and everything will be perfect.

Unfortunately, ladies life just does not work like that. Men don’t come and rescue you out of towers, forget their ex-wives immediately and all is well. The biggest peace of mind you will ever accomplish is letting go of the Hollywood movie romance.

Today, men still do want to rescue you in their own little way, they want to please us and they want to make us happy. Hollywood movies are successful because they paint the destination but never the journey. Your path to love is in the journey and not the destination. Every day how we choose to live in the present moment is our destination.

2. Living Into Who You Really Are

Growing up can be challenging. Society, parents, schools, peer all give their opinions on how we should behave and conform in order to fit in. We should believe this, act like this, say and do certain things.

Although these people had our best interest at heart, somewhere along the journey we can lose sight of who we really are, what is important to us and live in fear of who we really want to be.

Breaking free from the chains of living like everybody else is extremely liberating and calls for you to be your true authentic self. This feeling can cause internal upset, kind of like a pull and tug affect inside of you. Your heart is screaming one thing and your head another; this feeling causes pain, fear and unhappiness and unhappiness is unattractive.

So ladies, find your inner ding! What excites you, what is your great passion, what do you do for fun? By following your heart fully you will find inner peace, harmony, love, and of course the man of your dreams.

3. Get Intentional About Love

Love doesn’t just happen; we must become intentional about love if we really want to succeed in love. Like any definition of success in life, true love takes great risk facing our own fears and living with an open heart.

To be intentional about love is like setting any goal in life. There must be a plan, step by step that you will take to find love. How many social events will you attend this month? Are you going to date online? What do you love to do? Create your life; don’t leave it up to chance.

A certain degree of internal change is necessary for true success to happen; it is the same for love. Face your fears in love and get intentional about love, don’t leave it to chance.

Love comes quick when you are ready for love; love is not hard. It is not unobtainable, but it does require some work on your part. You must really desire love; you must face your own fear about love and live fully into who you are. If you focus your attention on feeling a sense of joy, love, harmony and inner peace within, you will find your Mr. Quality easily and effortlessly.

Lorna PooleLorna Poole is an Expert Relationship Coach. Empowering women to break the badboy habit and create the love you deserve.

As a woman with her own compelling badboy story, I know all too well how easy it is to fall for the badboys that leaves you feeling empty and alone. Even though deep down I knew he could never give me what I wanted, I continued to tolerate and seek love from man that treated me poorly.

Eventually, I met my one badboy too many and hit rock bottom in every area of my life. Now, I thank him every day because it is from that incident I have changed my life, I now attract a completely different guy. Through this struggle I have gained strength and courage and now give these qualities to others.

Badboy Breakthrough is committed to changing the lives of women who have hit the lowest point of their life find the courage to walk out of the dark and into the light. Our flawless five step secret system has given women across the globe the opportunity to find their Mr. Quality.

Badboy Breakthrough Coaching’s mission is dedicated to empowering women to gain the courage and wisdom to break free from the emotional pain of constantly dating badboys. Grounded in the principle that all people have within them the skills to create the relationship they want. We give you the knowledge and tools to finally understand the workings of men and relationships. The results our clients receive are a loving relationship free from drama and stress.

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