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5 Signs You Are Dating the Wrong Guy

May 21, 2015
by Polina Solda
Have you ever met a guy who seemed to have everything going for him? I mean seriously. His hair was perfect, he had a smile to die for and his body was tighter than the lid on a pickle jar. Every time you connected eyes with him, your heart skipped a beat. You would literally daydream about how happy you would feel if he was yours and then one day it happened. He asked you out and you happily accepted!
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You have been on a few dates with him at this point and life couldn’t be better. All of your friends are envious and you are loving the attention. But something isn’t right. A few months pass and you hate to admit it, but you just aren’t happy. Sure he is great to look at and the sex is amazing, but is he really a catch? Here are 5 signs you are dating the wrong guy.

He never spends “quality” time with you

If it’s not one thing it’s another. He can’t come to see you Monday through Friday because he has to work. On Saturday, he’s running errands all day. But suddenly he’s all about spending time with you after a club’s party is over at 3 am. If this is your scenario, I’m sorry to say you are nothing more than a “booty call.”

He introduces you as his “friend”

He invites you over for a party with his friends and you think this is a sign things are definitely moving in the right direction. However, despite all of the sweet things he tells you behind closed doors, he introduces you to his buddies as “my friend.” How embarrassing!

He’s NOT trustworthy

Everything he says is a lie. His shirt smells like perfume because he was in a perfume parlor, shopping for you. The lipstick stains on his shirt were put there by his sister as a joke. And the condom wrapper you found in his car? Oh, that was because he let his roommate borrow the car. Give me a break!

He’s very protective of his phone

His phone rings, dings and vibrates all day long. Some of the messages are from names stored in his phone while others are not stored at all. He smiles as he responds to the messages and assures you they all are work-related. The phone has a password lock and he guards it like his life depends on it. He definitely has something to hide.

He doesn’t want to define your relationship

You have been seeing each other for a couple of months but every time you want to talk about your relationship, he jokes around. You keep hoping that things will change and he will finally realize what an amazing girlfriend you would be. But no matter what you do for him, he doesn’t want a commitment of any kind. What a shame!

The bottom is, you never want to let lust for a man’s sex appeal drive you to accept anything less than you deserve! Remember, you are so much better than that.

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About The Author – Polina Solda

Polina Solda is a Dating Expert and Certified Coach. Polina helps smart and accomplished women complete a missing piece in life—find love and keep him forever. Going through a roller coaster of being single and dating in New York City, Polina genuinely understands what it’s like to go through things single women are dealing with. Now happily married to the man of her dreams, Polina is on the mission to help every woman shift from being alone to being in love. Learn more on her website here.
Polina Solda

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