How To Heal A Broken Relationship

If you’ve just had a relationship end or fear the end is coming then you realize that something is broken and needs repair. However, there is good news is that most relationships can be saved.

Step 1: Stop Trying To Figure Out What’s Wrong

As counter intuitive as this may seem, trying to figure out the problem often makes things worse. Sometimes it’s hard to tell what went wrong in the relationship. You spend day after day trying to figure it out.
Did you say something wrong? Did you do something wrong or was it something that you didn’t do? Does he just have a hard time committing or being faithful to you? No matter what the reason is, you are the one that is hurting and maybe he is too, but he may be taking things better than you are. The first step isn’t to figure out exactly what went wrong.

Step 2: Stop The Bleeding

Your first action should be to simply try and stop things from getting worse. You can accomplish this by doing something that both of you agree on and enjoy. Some activity that stirs up memories of when both of you felt connected to each other. This only may not heal the relationship, but what it does is provides temporary relief so the relationship doesn’t become destructive.

Step 3: Evaluate

Following this is the time to actually examine when things started to go bad. Was it a particular incident that started the pain in your relationship? Perhaps it’s an ongoing problem that neither of you can agree upon? If you can pinpoint what the problem is then you can determine what you can do to fix it and what you need from your partner.

Step 4: If The Relationship Is Over

If you’re reading this and it’s too late for the first 2 steps and the man you love is no longer in your life then it’s critical that you act quickly before his leaving is permanent.
Begging, writing him a letter and having a serious talk may seem like the best course of action but from my experience those outdated methods only drive a man further away…killing any hope of reconnecting with him.

How To Get Him Back

To save your relationship, you need a proven plan to bring him back and not simply to do what so many women right after a break up. In fact the first few weeks are often the most critical and with this step by step plan you’ll lower his defenses and arouse his emotions so that he’ll come begging to have you back in his life again.
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