Is it Break and Enter or is it True Love….

by Lyn Paul

The following information is for women who want to get married to their Mr. Right, if this is you please continue reading and enjoy.

So what’s the correlation between a Break and Enter and Dating? let me explain….

When dating you need to protect your heart.

Is it Break and Enter or is it True Love


Guys date to either find their Dream Girl to have a serious relationship with leading to marriage or a casual relationship with their Casual Girl.

Having standards and boundaries when dating will let you identify at all stages of the relationship if you are the Dream Girl or The Casual Girl.

Think of a guy that sees you as a Casual Girl like a robber assessing which house to rob. He will look at the house from the outside, he will check out the locks on the doors and windows and figure out how hard the house will be to rob.

Guys will test you consciously and subconsciously to see how much he can manipulate/control you (how good your security is).

If he can see you last minute, it is like the front door lock is broken.

If you text him first and text him a lot, it is like the windows have been left open.

If you sleep with him too soon, it is like the back door has been left ajar.

He will break and enter, steal your possessions and off he goes. This is the same as to what he will do with your heart, see you for a while, take advantage of what he can, steal your heart and leave.

However, if the guy thinks of you as his Dream Girl and:

You don’t see him last minute, but you agree to go out with him if he asks at least 3 days in advance

If he texts you to ask you on a date and you respond, but ignore most of the boring one liners like ‘How was your day Babe’

If you wait until he says I Love you, you have met his friends and family, he asks to be exclusive and basically know when you sleep with him he will call the next day

Then he is going to think of you like ‘Fort Knox’ a high quality house that has value and he is going to want to purchase that house not rob it.

When a guy sees that you have these standards and boundaries and he is only interested in break and enter and not looking for love he will leave ‘Fort Knox’ and move onto a house with broken locks and open windows.

If a guy is interested in having a serious relationship with you he wants the girl that knows her value and protects herself by not allowing a man get away with bad behaviour.

There is no point in making things easy for a guy so you have a ‘boyfriend’ or someone to date because you are lonely.

Wait for the right guy who sees you as his Dream Girl, he will appreciate your value.

Playing Hard To Get isn’t playing at all; it is protecting your heart from a thief.
true loveLyn Paul is a Certified Life Coach specialising in Dating and Relationships for Women. She is happily married and can show you how to date successfully without the anxiety. She will teach you how to identify the time wasters without scaring away the right guy. If you would like to become a guy’s Dream Girl who he wants to marry, then Lyn Paul is who you need to contact at www.thedatingangel.com.au

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