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If He’s Stalling – Get His Love And Commitment This Way

April 24, 2015
by Leigha Lake

by Leigha Lake

If you’re experiencing the pain and frustration of a man – your man – getting complacent and telling you “he’s not ready,” even though he came on super strong in the beginning; he was so gentle, loving and passionate… I can totally relate!
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If you’ve ever felt as though your man’s just stopped caring and you’re waiting for him to make up his mind about you – you’re not alone.

I remember feeling anxious and frustrated waiting for a man to call and make plans, wishing things felt like they did in the beginning. I wondered, “How did we get here?”

As much as you try, you just can’t figure out what happened and why things have suddenly changed between the two of you.

You’ve never felt this way about someone and you know he’s worth waiting for – but somehow it seems that everything you do to try and get him to see how great you are and how perfect the two of you are together – actually backfires and pushes him away.

Learning and understanding what draws a man in and makes him want to get close to you – is what can quickly turn things around for you.

When you learn the Tools I teach the women I work with – you’ll see almost instant results with your man. You’ll learn a new way to be and receive the love you want instead of trying to go out and make it happen in a way that will never, ever work.

You’ll also avoid spending your precious time and energy trying to figure out what “to do” to get him to want to commit. You’ll feel more confident, safe and secure as he moves the relationship forward.

If you don’t learn how men fall deeply in love and stay in love, you’ll continue to worry you’re going to lose a good man and nothing pushes a man away faster than a needy, clingy, desperate vibe.

The Irresistible Combination That Makes Him Fall In Love

It’s called The Bring Him Close Combo. It’s about creating space and softness for a man at the same time. That’s it.

Step 1. Creating space for a man looks like no longer doing any of these things…

Calling him to “check in,” offering to pay for things, run errands for him, drive to him because it’s more convenient for him, planning dates, trips, doing his laundry just because (even though he didn’t ask you to), suggesting, advising or trying to make things happen in any way. When we do these things for a man, it can cause him to feel “trapped.”

It’s actually what we stop doing that can turn our relationship around the quickest!!!

It feels completely counter intuitive to us. We think if we don’t show him how we feel by giving and doing things for him and telling him how we feel about him, he’s going to think we’re not interested or we don’t care and lose interest. Yet it’s the space he needs and craves to build and feel attraction and be compelled move towards us.

Step 2. Be the Soft, Warm, Open Invitation He Needs

When you give your man the space to move towards you – IF he is the man for you – he WILL instinctively and automatically come close.

It’s crucial to be soft, warm and open so he feels safe to come as close as he can!

Being a soft invitation is allowing him to see the warm, open, sensuous woman you are on the inside instead of the strong, thinking, very capable woman on the outside.

When we’re able to slow down and get in touch with our feelings and we’re actually in our bodies, instead of up in our heads thinking – it creates an irresistible pull on him he can’t resist. This allows him to drop down from his head into his heart and access how he really feels. This is the emotional connection that inspires a man to feel safe enough to fall in love.

Do This Right Now to Shift Your Vibe and Bring Him So Close – He Wants To Stay Forever

  1. Imagine your man’s right in front of you – what’s he doing?
  2. Right now settle back into your chair or couch or whatever you’re sitting on, imagine melting into it. You’re not putting any effort into holding yourself up. How does that feel? Do you feel less tense? Softer?
  3. Next – softly touch your neck and then your arm – or touch the couch, the pillow or your cold glass of water – how does that feel?
  4. Every moment you’re present and in your body, your true essence as a woman shines through and you INSTANTLY become more and more mysterious and attractive to your man. Just being a woman makes you irresistible.

You don’t have to do anything to be mesmerizing, mysterious and irresistible. You already ARE these things – and he’ll be able to feel it – once you’re able to be present and soften in his presence.

Try this the next time you’re with your man and notice how much more attention and affection you receive.

You already have everything inside of you to have the man and relationship you deserve.

Love, Leigha

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