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A Deeper Connection

Relationship Advice for Married Women

January 25, 2013
by Bob Grant, L.P.C.
Are you quietly struggling in your marriage?  Do you feel like your husband just doesn’t love you anymore?   It seems like no matter how hard you try, nothing’s working.  You can’t find a way to connect with him. If you’re like most wives, you probably do NOT worry so much about whether you’ll stay married to your husband or eventually get divorced.  Instead, you care more about whether you and your husband have a fulfilling and blissful marriage, right?
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I’m Bob Grant.  What I’ve found in my 17 years as a therapist and relationship counselor is that most wives struggle in their relationships with their husbands — even when their husbands think everything’s “fine” with their marriage.  How about you?  Which of the following do you find yourself wondering about?

 Does he still love me?

 Why isn’t he as attentive to me as he used to be?

 Am I less desirable to him than before?

 Is he seeing another woman?

 Why can’t I get him to open up about his feelings and get him to “just talk” to me?

 Why isn’t he as thoughtful and romantic as I’d like him to be?

 How can I rekindle the passion in our marriage?

 Why does he seem indifferent and uncaring when I tell him about my problems?

 Why doesn’t he want to listen when I share my feelings with him?

 Will our marriage last?

If you’re like most wives, you’re probably tired of trying to turn your spouse into a better husband …..
…..tired of trying to fix the problems in your marriage …
….. tired of reading self-help books
….. tired of listening to advice from countless friends
….. and tired of maybe even seeking the help of therapists
and getting little or no results.

The fact that you’re tired tells me you’re ready for your marriage to improve — and you being tired is also essential in order for you to seize your power to change your marriage into the wonderful, fulfilling one you’ve always envisioned.

Start By Changing Yourself

Husbands generally don’t do things unless they absolutely have to.  They’ll often deny that there’s anything wrong with their marriage in the first place.

So what’s a wife like YOU to do if it’s only you who are willing to work on your marriage — and your husband doesn’t particularly care to cooperate?

I’m here to tell you that you CAN create the changes necessary to improve your marriage — with or without your husband’s cooperation, .  As I always tell my clients, “If just one spouse in the marriage makes changes, those changes cannot help but affect the other spouse.”

This brings us to the challenge most wives face when trying to make changes in their marriage.  They usually think the changes that need to be made are in their husbands, not themselves.  In fact, the common denominator I’ve seen in most wives trying to improve their marriage is this:

She wishes she could change her husband — and make him a better man.

Then maybe their marriage would become happier and more fulfilling.

Wives seldom realize that when they become a better wife, they cause their husband to want to be a better husband and a better man.  The person who can influence a husband the most is his wife.

But exactly how do you become a better wife?

First, I hear some of you saying,  “why do I always have to do all the work?  Why can’t he take responsibility for once.”   Remember, it’s easier to change yourself than to change someone else.  The advice I’m about to give you works so well because you control what happens.

All you have to do is learn a few powerful strategies, making a slight attitude adjustment as far as your marriage is concerned, discovering a more effective way to behave during conflicts, and knowing the ideal treatment of your husband so that you’ll get the best out of him.

What Husbands Can’t Resist e-book

Over the years, I’ve wanted to teach these powerful strategies to more than just the couples who are able to travel to my office in Georgia for marriage counseling.

So I wrote the 115-page e-book, What Husbands Can’t Resist so that wives all over the world can learn to understand their husbands and develop successful marriages– no matter where they live!  Unlike other books that just simply dish out general principles and concepts on how to have a happy marriage, this book was designed to give you the virtual experience of consulting with me face-to-face in my office.  I take you with me on a virtual journey behind the counselor’s door — starting with the “Welcome to My Office” getting-acquainted visit — all the way through the easy-to-follow series of simulated counseling dialogues.

In the chapter-by-chapter “virtual counseling sessions,” I’ve anticipated every concern, problem, or question you would probably ask — based on the typical concerns, problems, and questions brought to me by hundreds of female clients over the last 17 years.  On page after page, I provide you with powerful insights that will dramatically change your marital circumstances and transform the way you use your power in your marriage.

Remember — the key to a happy marriage is understanding your husband.  It’s not about playing mind games, using sneaky manipulation tactics or fake persuasion tricks like some magazine articles, books and resources might suggest. What Husbands Can’t Resist is overflowing with information that enables you to get inside your husband’s head and gain access to his heart.  It gives you everything you need to turn your marriage around — and avoid the unknown perils that could lead you down the road to divorce.

Most of the information that appears in my e-book appears nowhere else — both online or offline.  This is the only resource of its kind on earth.  The strategies and insights have taken 17 years of real-life experience for me to discover and compile.

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