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8 Signs He’s Going to Break Up With You

July 3, 2014
by Bob Grant, L.P.C.

Have you been wondering if your guy might be on the way out the door? Has he pulled away, leaving you wondering if a breakup is coming? Sometimes it is hard to tell if your relationship problems are temporary and can be worked out or are a solid sign that your guy is about to hit the road.. for good.

It doesn’t help that men can be both notoriously difficult to read and often plan their escape long before they go.

Here are 8 warning signs that your guy is about to break up with you.

1. Communication Has Ground to a Halt

In the past you probably checked in multiple times a day and talked frequently. Now, not so much. If you are noticing a big decline in his efforts to get in touch, this is a sign that he could be pulling away.

2. Sex and Affection Have Gone Extinct

Does he seem to shrink away from your efforts to be affectionate or initiate sex? Has he stopped trying to have sex with you altogether?

In a more extreme example, one of my male friends told me once that he had stopped having sex with his soon to be ex-girlfriend because he was afraid she would get pregnant and trap him, doomed to spend the rest of his life co-parenting with her.

If he has pulled away big time in the physical love department, it is a sign he might be getting ready to go.

3. Increased Irritability and Likelihood to Pick Fights

Disagreements and conflicts of interest are a perfectly healthy part of a functional relationship. However, if you have noticed that the arguments are escalating faster and your partner is becoming more vicious, it might signal the beginning of the end.

Does he seem more easily annoyed at small things than usual? Does he start pointless fights that seem to just come out of nowhere? Often when men are looking to end a relationship they beat it into the ground to confirm to themselves that they are making the correct decision by leaving.

It stands to reason that if a couple argues frequently, it is easier to walk away. Because of this, it is common for people to subconsciously start arguments and create tension.

4. Boredom Has Set In

Do you feel a crushing sense of routine when you are both together? He most likely feels it too. Once the fun and novelty leaves a relationship, often the guy does too.

5. He Creates Distance

Every relationship requires time away from each other. Being around anyone else too much can cause people to get sick of each other pretty quickly. If you notice that your partner is becoming increasingly distant and withdrawn, it may signal the end.

Distance is worse than an increase in arguing because it is much harder to notice or create closeness once it is gone. People who are considering a breakup will try to withdraw themselves emotionally from their partner in an effort to eventually make it easier for them to leave.

6. He Avoids Making Future Plans

Is next Tuesday too far in advance for him to plan something? Does he shrug you off when you mention future events like concerts or your friend’s wedding?

Since men are incredibly likely to start eyeing the exit before they make a break for it, this reluctance to make plans for the future is a big flashing warning sign that he’s considering a quick departure.

7. He Behaves Differently Around Other Women

When a guy is starting to think about a breakup, he begins to think about other women as well.

If he is much friendlier and forming new bonds with females, he could be preparing himself for the single life. If he has suddenly become flirtatious with other women, try gently talking to him about it before making any accusations. This is by no means an excuse to be paranoid and jealous of every woman he comes in contact with, but stay mindful of the way he interacts with them.

8. You Have Started to Panic

Do you have that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach that your guy is pulling away? Do you keep trying to do things to bring him closer but never quite feel satisfied? Your internal barometer for how your relationship is actually going is a really strong sign. If you feel crazy, clingy and panicky about your interactions with him, this is your intuition screaming about a breakup coming soon.

There is no point in continuing a relationship when one person wants out. On the flip side, there may be a plausible reason why he has pulled away.

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