The Eligible-Bachelor Paradox

The Eligible-Bachelor Paradox

Yes, I do agree that women are more in control of the process of selecting a mate than most would admit. However, what they fail to understand is that for those women who know how to captivate a man, even in an age when there appears to be less quality choices, all that is required is one man. Just one that can take your breath away.

I’ve had clients who were widowed and then remarried and not a one of them ever said that they “settled.” Why is it that so many single women can’t get married the first time when these widowed individuals (some in their 50’s) can find love? In my experience, when a woman knows the how to get what she wants from a man, her dating life becomes much more fun.


  • This is so true – even though I realized this just now, after reading this article. I am a woman and I consider myself not a flirt, but now I think that all women are natural flirts – whether they admit it or not.

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