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Why wait to have Sex?

October 20, 2006
by Bob Grant, L.P.C.

Why wait to have Sex?

I get responses from women all the time who ask me when they should have sex with a man. Mostly they want to know how many dates then need to go on before they can give themselves to a man/guy. Rather than simply giving them
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a specific time frame, I like to explain why waiting is better than rushing in and what is actually involved in sex. It’s more than just a feeling but a deeply bonding experience where a piece of their heart is given to another person.

In fact I’ve been telling women for years exactly what sex means to a man. I’ve been sounding this alarm because I’ve seen so many clients that come into my office and are heart broken because they gave their heart to a man, only to learn that he wasn’t bonding with them. What do I mean by bonding? Here’s a link I found that explains what happens chemically in your brain during sex. Sex is for real

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