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How to Write a Killer Online Profile

March 27, 2012
by Bob Grant, L.P.C.

Without a doubt, Internet dating is a simple, quick and fun way to find the best dates possible. Although at first, online dating was regarded as a masquerade that led many people to debate its efficiency and predict an unfortunate future for this practice, today the phenomenon enjoys a lot of exposure and positive feed-back, and has become an established dating forum.


Internet Dating Really Works

Contrary to early beliefs, Internet dating not only works, but also has the power to connect and match people in a blink of an eye! In addition, it allows people to interact in a fun, stimulating and relaxed manner, melting down all inhibitions and constraints characteristic to regular dating.

Amazed by the great efficiency of online dating, and impressed by its non-demanding and entertaining nature, increasingly larger numbers of singles nowadays rely on various Internet-based resources – such as online personals and dating services – in their quest for suitable dates, a partner for a long-term relationship, or even a life companion.

With the right online dating website, a properly conceived online advert, lots of confidence and good motivation, you can find the man that was made for you.


Member Benefits

Once you join a online dating service, the first place to begin is to create your profile. What most women forget is that the single most important feature of your profile is your picture. Sorry, but men are visual and instead of fighting it, make it work to your advantage.


An Interesting Profile Leads to Dates

This isn’t to say that the rest of your profile is unimportant. Making it interesting is what will keep his attention. Here are some hints on how to write a killer online profile, guaranteed to help you get on the right track of finding suitable dating partners.

First of all, have fun writing your online profile! When you have fun writing it, chances are the readers will also have fun reading it. Also remember to focus on the right elements of your profile – elaborate on the relevant aspects regarding your personality and interests, remembering to include not only the necessary detail, but the most interesting. Although you can edit your profile later on, it is best to submit a good profile right from the start.


Focus on Your Personality and Be Original

Focus your writing on your personality and try to bring out the personal traits that separate you from the rest. The best way to describe your profile is to think of it as an advertisement. You aren’t trying to talk a man into anything, but simply displaying who you are and inviting them to come closer.

In order to obtain the best results, don’t worry about every word sounding perfect. Instead just be yourself and that alone will be more appealing that you can imagine.


Use Humor!

And don’t hesitate to use humor! Everyone likes someone with a good sense of humor, so it is advisable to insert a few good jokes into your profile. However, be cautious when using this approach. Stick to harmless, innocent jokes with good taste and light-hearted comments.

If you’re not careful about the nature and amount of jokes in your profile, the readers might form a wrong impression and regard you as out of line, arrogant or annoying.

The same rule applies when you opt for self-deprecating jokes and sarcasm. Use them carefully as your goal is not to emphasize your major defects, but to bring out your best qualities and most appealing personal traits.


Don’t Be Tactless

Also, be extra careful when describing your ex-dates and past relationships. It is best not to introduce unnecessary information about what went wrong, who made the most mistakes, and who ended the relationship. When describing past relationships, you should present a simple, brief story without tactless comments and tasteless details.

Try to avoid using inadequate comments when describing your “dream date” as well. Just try to be as honest and sincere as you can. Although many people tend to exaggerate the things they write about themselves in their profiles, avoid lying at all costs! Sooner or later, the truth will be revealed and you may lose credibility, jeopardizing an existing relationship and making the task of finding matches more difficult in the future.


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