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The Woman Men Adore

$47 — eBook + Video + Course

This e-book is written to give women insight as to the qualities that men find the most desirable in a woman. It applies to married and single women of all ages. If you’ve ever noticed a particular woman who didn’t seem to be the prettiest, tallest, thinnest, etc. and yet men seemed to be smitten with them, then you are looking at The Woman Men Adore. 

How Do I Get my man Back

How Do I Get Him Back

$47 — eBook

Has your relationship just ended? Don’t know what happened and want a chance to get back together before it’s too late? Read this step by step plan on how to bring back your man. This e-book is very specific on exactly what to do, what to say, and most importantly – when to say it.

The Bonding Stages of men

The Bonding Stages

$47 — ebook + Video

Are you ready for the one chapter of your life to FINALLY be written where that strong secure man takes your hand— and never let’s go?

beyond bonding product cover

Beyond Bonding

$49 — Happily Ever After

After your man bonds with you, then what? Beyond Bonding is about being a Team. About him loving you during good and bad days for all the years to come.

What are men really thinking about?

What’s He Really Thinking

$47 — eBook

Discover the most, well-kept secrets about men that will transform you into an irresistible woman that men are attracted to and cannot resist under any circumstances. I will open your eyes to the cold-blooded truth about what men are really thinking, and what they really want.

How To Find The Man of Your Dreams

How To Find The Man of Your Dreams

$47 — eBook

Are you tired of all the trial and error when it comes to dating? Wouldn’t it be nice if all you had to do was follow a plan? In this step by step plan of action, you will discover what type of man is best for you. Imagine what your dating life would be like if you KNEW you couldn’t make a mistake with a man.

What Husbands Can’t Resist

What Husbands Can’t Resist

$47 — eBook

Much like The Woman Men Adore….and Never Want to Leave, this e-book gives deep insights into the heart and soul of a man which gives women and deeper understanding of their husband. Every husband would like to be able to share these insights with their wife, but they don’t know-how.

The Intimacy Trigger

The Intimacy Trigger

$47 — Workbook + Video

What if you didn’t have to wait for the perfect moment to open a man’s heart? Men experience Intimacy far differently than women and once you understand. Intimacy is more than simply an intense feeling, even though that is part of it. Intimacy is the feeling that your partner is able and wants to fulfill your core needs.

Turn His Anger Into Tenderness

Turn His Anger Into Tenderness


Explore how you can melt his anger and create an intimate moment.

First Date Allure: Leave Him Begging For More

First Date Allure: Leave Him Begging For More

$47 — eBook

You’ll learn how to create TENSION (the most important secret to keeping him thinking about you long after he’s said goodnight). You will discover how to make a man unconsciously see you as a very important person in his life. What to focus on during your first date. 

Long Distance Love Guide

Long Distance Love Guide

$37 — Mini EBOOK

You don’t have to leave your long-distance relationship to chance. This guide shows you how to not only survive but THRIVE while you are apart!

commitment soup product cover image

Commitment Soup: Secret Ingredients to Lasting Love

$55 — On-Demand Webinar
under his skin, taming the bad boy product cover image

Under His Skin: Taming the Bad Boy

$49 — On-Demand Webinar

Learn how to make the Bad Boy nervous. Get him thinking about you constantly. We’ll even show you how to get inside his head. But I offer this warning:” This program is NOT for the timid.

Sex & Intimacy cover

Sex & Intimacy

$49 — His Deepest Desires

Sex and Intimacy are not the same things. Understanding how men connect on an intimate level is crucial for a woman wanting a deep connection.

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Your Emotions: The Genie In The Bottle Men Love

Embrace Your Emotions. Journey Inside Your Heart. Grow Close With The One You Love.

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