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and breathe sign in the bushes outsideand breathe sign in the bushes outside
March 4, 2019

Make Self-Care a Priority and Bring Him Close

If you are a woman concerned about doing too much to feel loved or feel like a man is pulling away, why not make self-care a priority to bring him close. This article will help you to recognize the dynamics that perpetuate that cycle.
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February 21, 2019

How to Open Up New Possibilities for Love and Relationships

The Law of Attraction teaches that love comes to us through our thoughts, feelings, actions, and energy. We attract who we are being, and how we are showing up for ourselves and others each day.
Thankful Sign
February 21, 2019

Practice Gratitude to Attract the Love You Want

I know we have all heard about how gratitude can help us in our lives. It can often feel easy to overlook this subject because it is something that we are told all the time. Be grateful, focus on what you want, don’t think negative thoug…
mature woman looking at the camera indoors
January 31, 2018

5 Things that Mature Women Avoid Doing in Relationships

Mature women avoid doing a lot of things that are unethical and irrelevant. They have a deep understanding of everything. They also react accordingly and appropriately in different situations and aspects of life including relationships.
a woman outside looking down
January 11, 2018

Men Dont Expect Perfect But They Want Authentic

Perfect Is Overrated…I promise. Men don’t need a woman to be flawless to be attracted to her. After years of listening to women in my private practice, many women seem to think that men expect nothing less than perfection. If you we…
strong woman roping across a rock wall outside
December 27, 2016

The Strength It Takes to Leave a Narcissist

When you realize that you’re no longer in control of yourself and your emotions, it’s scary! It’s hard to not get caught up in a relationship with a man that is so charming and makes you feel like the luckiest girl in the world. It’s lik…
woman outside covering her head leaning back
September 21, 2016

Loving the Male Ego and The Art of Leaning Back in a Relationship

by Tatia Dee No matter how you approach it, dealing with the male ego can be a touchy experience in dating and relationships. A man likes to feel that he’s in charge of himself, and sometimes this impacts how he acts around you and towa…
yellow attention sign falling apart
August 17, 2016

Get More Love and Attention from Him By Doing Less

Do you ever feel like you have to work so hard just to get even the littlest bit of love and attention from the man you’re with?
woman in a white sweatshirt indoors texting on her phone
July 22, 2016

6 Best Ways to Texting Him Like a Pro

We live in the age of technology, and although not all of us have still got to grips with the Large Hadron Collider (and most of us never will), one simple but beautiful piece of technology that has improved the way we all communicate wi…
woman outside with a mask with red smoke around her
January 19, 2016

Are You Being Vulnerable, or Just… Desperate?

Think back to grade school when you had your first crush. Remember how you felt you needed to keep it a secret?
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