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February 7, 2021

Friends with Benefits: Is It Worth It?

by Brenda Adair

There are advantages and disadvantages of a friends with benefits arrangement, otherwise known as a “casual relationship”. You may be in a situation where you are considering starting this arrangement with someone—either a new or long-lasting (no pun intended!) friend. If this is the case, this article will talk you through some of the things that you should be aware of before you make this decision!
two people reaching out to touch hands outside
March 22, 2019

Six Ways to Inspire a Relationship Connection

If you are a strong, independent, and self-sufficient woman who is used to getting things done, I can relate. I work with many women who can set professional goals and achieve them as soon as they set their mind to it. So how does a woma…
a couple acting romanticaly outside by a lake
July 15, 2017

21 Ways To Rekindle the Romance

Long-term relationships bring about many benefits, such as comfort, security, companionship, and always knowing there’s someone in your corner that has your back. But for all the many benefits, there’s also the potential for a relationsh…
woman thinking indoors
July 11, 2016

What To Do To Inspire Deep And Lasting Connection

I often am asked what a woman can do to “get” her man to treat her the way he did at the beginning of a relationship.
white and yellow flowers
May 17, 2016

7 Habits that Create Happy, Lasting Relationships

We all want an enjoyable relationship that can stand the test of time, but how is it done exactly? 
woman next to a road outside looking out with low energy
August 12, 2015

An Energetic Shift That Makes You Instantly More Attractive

by Helena Hart When you’re with a man, are you looking to him as HOLDING something that you want? Like he’s holding the key to YOUR happiness or “lovable-ness”?
Kangaroos fighting
May 5, 2015

The 7 Childish Ways We Argue

How often are we faced with a disagreement or misunderstanding because of miscommunication? More often than not, actually.
woman looking outside at the ocean shore through a window
March 17, 2015

What Is the Missing Ingredient In a Failing Relationship?

Are you in a spot where you feel like your relationship is failing and you need an ingredient that you can add that will fix all? Let’s look closer at what the missing ingredient could be.
green frog outdoors
March 16, 2015

Sometimes You Have to Kiss a Frog to Get More Romance

Has this ever happened to you? Your sweet man is in the best mood and happily mows the yard, fixes the door handle that you asked him to fix months ago, washes your car with a smile on his face…and at the end of the day, he is a cur…
woman on the floor indoors against a white background struggling
February 16, 2015

7 Ways to Save a Struggling Relationship

Nowadays, we believe that people are exchangeable. Quick are we to think, “He’s no good, I’ll dump him and find someone else.” And quicker are we to find a new lover who displays the exact same — if not worse — tendencies as the one we…

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